an ounce of your own thinking is worth ten ounces of anyone elses


humility is a mature understanding about the provisional nature of solutions and their constant evolution through more attention to detail

such an understanding will always escape those clinging to the coat tails of others


the best doctor is only fifty percent, the worst are minus several thousand


the human craving for oversimple theories and remedies is an endless reef of destruction as history shows

enjoy the reef, its better to be sailing though


age makes misery guts of us all


'tell the world what it wants to hear and it will beat a path to your door.

tell it what it doesn't want to hear but is true and they will drag you from it and hang you'


cutting down taller poppies is the oldest human occupation


'don't tell me what i don't want to know'        "the average human"


insanity is the normative human condition


words not deeds is the female creed


"sticks and stones don't hurt my bones but words will forever hurt me"

from 'inverted quotes' by patti


"you can vote with the crowds or you can vote with individuals, i vote with individuals"


the modern human has a brain more housebound than a sofa

from 'domestic quotes' by a 'feral housewife'


"solutions are where you find them, not where you want them to be"

from 'unwanted quotes' by 'rejected'


why dot an i when you can spill a can of paint? because only dotting the i works and spilling a can of paint covers up what you are trying to see. most people think think problem solving is spilling a can of paint

from 'quotes you never saw' by a pearl-among-swine


thinking for yourself and testing ideas raises you above the herd and its predators - medicine, the media and government agencies have replaced the saber-toothed tiger, lions and giant carnivorous bears as predators

(from 'quotes you never read' by who_knows)